The capacity of each workshop is 25, so booking is advised.

Workshop I: Folk Pathways (Pat Oldale)

Venue: Maltings Berwick. Tuesday, May 16th, 14-00-16.00.
A relaxed wander through folk music, song and singing.
In this workshop Pat will take you through the origins of folk.
Learn about the collectors and their role in keeping folk music alive and listen to some of the early
recordings they made
Learn about songs from some of the different genres of folk and discuss how they came about.
Learn to sing some folk songs orally -the traditional way – and immerse yourself in one of the oldest,
endless, universal musical languages of all.
In Pat’s own words: folk is ordinary people singing songs as they go. It doesn’t matter about the
singer, it’s the song that’s important.                        Tickets: £5. Book here.

Workshop II: Time Travel (Ave Verum) Through 1000 years (Nick Milburn).

Venue: Maltings Berwick.  Wednesday. May 17th,16.00 – 18.00
A choral workshop charting Ave Verum from Plainchant to Mawby via Byrd and Mozart
Using the same text, Nick will take you on a journey through the musical ages. Along the way you
will explore the beauty of the different periods of musical history through the four contrasting
pieces: Plainchant, Byrd, Mozart and Mawby and learn how each has its challenges as a choral work.
The music for this workshop is available here. Tickets £5. Book here.

Workshop III: A Date with Disney (Nick Milburn)

Venue: Maltings, Berwick. Thursday, May 18th 16.00 – 18.00
Sing the hits with Disney Movie Magic! (Nick Milburn)
A light fun singing workshop where Nick will get you to explore the wide ranging output from
Disney’s animated films in a well crafted medley. Get together, sing with friends new and old for the
pure enjoyment of singing something different. In the words of the Lion King – ‘Hakuna Matata.’
Here is one of the songs. Tickets £5. Book here.

Workshop IV: Unleash Your Inner Maestro (Nick Milburn)

Venue: Guildhall.  Friday May 19th 16.00 – 18.00
Learn or improve your directing skills with a choir
Whether you have been waving your arms at a choir for years, or just waving your arms at the TV or
Radio or just want to know how to wave, this choir workshop is for you. Using music familiar and
new, Nick will explore different ways of approaching music through the eyes of a director. Nick will
cover a variety of points from the simple to the complex including clear technique and using both
hands independently. He will also build in Q and A section at the end
Music will be supplied in advance for this workshop. Tickets £5. Book here.