Our Values and Our Roles

BEA aspires to be an open, welcoming and well-run organisation. We value integrity, respect and professionalism, and we have policies on Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusivity, Privacy and Sustainability. We expect our trustees, volunteers and lecturers to be aware of our values and policies, and to act in accordance with them.

Pam Campion organises our Art and Culture, and Science and Environment lectures and field trips. She is also our Sustainability Officer.

Jacqui Parkin is our Safeguarding Officer.

Angela Elliott looks after our Social Media, and helps to organise various courses.

Cian McHugh is our Treasurer and our Bookings Secretary.

Maura Veitch is our Diversity Officer.

Sue Block organises our History lectures.

Andrea Butler is our Mailings Secretary.

Graham Kelly is Project Manager for the Berwick Music Series.