Our principal musical event is the Berwick Music Series, which is held in the autumn, and you will find information on it here.

Apart from BMS, we have occasional lectures and musical events, which fall into the following categories:

  • Talking about MusicThis is a series of lectures on classical music by Professor Mike Worboys. The most recent in this series was on the composer Morton Feldman, and, under the title American Sublime, it was twinned with a lecture by Maria Chester on the art of the New York School, with which Feldman was closely associated. 
  •  Get Music – this is a series on different musical genres, and combines a lecture and a live performance, organised in conjunction with the Radio Rooms in Tweedmouth. Our first event, on the Blues, was a sell-out, as was our first live event in 2021, Women in Music.
  • Berwick Arts Choir – Berwick Arts Choir normally perform two concerts a year, and we schedule a lecture for each of these on a theme related to the works being performed.