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Cosmic Frontiers: A Journey from the Solar System to the Multiverse

January 13 @ 11:00 am - February 10 @ 11:00 am

Explore Planet Nine’s mystery, asteroid/comet differences, star evolution in the Milky Way, Earth-Moon dynamics, and delve into multiverses.

A course of five lectures in astronomy by Dr. Adrian Jannetta, on Saturdays from 11 am to 12 noon via Zoom. Explore Planet Nine’s mystery, asteroid/comet differences, star evolution in the Milky Way, Earth-Moon dynamics, and delve into multiverse theories

 Jan 13th Part 1:  Planet Nine

The ninth planet used to be Pluto.  Why did Pluto lose its planetary status?  What is a planet?  And why do some astronomers now think there is a new Planet Nine waiting to be discovered in the far reaches of the solar system?

 Jan 20th Part 2: All the small things

Asteroids, comets and meteors are among the smallest bodies in the solar system.  In this session we’ll explore the differences between asteroids and comets, their likely origins and the dangers they pose to the Earth.  We’ll also learn how to find Comet Pons-Brooks which is returning to our night sky 70 years after its previous appearance.

Jan 27th Part 3:  A sky full of stars

In this session we’ll find out about stars and how they shine and evolve through their lives.  All the stars we see in the sky belong to the Milky Way galaxy. How does our Galaxy compare to the two trillion others we see scattered across the universe? How are telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope showing us about how galaxies formed in the early universe?

Feb 3rd Part 4:  Fly me to the moon

In this part we return home to look at the Earth and Moon.  The moon’s orbit, phases, eclipses and tides.  The origin of the moon lies in a giant impact shortly after the Earth was formed.  We’ll look at the evidence for that theory and what the future holds for the Earth and Moon. Finally, we’ll become familiar with some of the surface features visible with binoculars and telescopes from Earth.

Feb 10th Part 5:  Across the multiverse

After a quick overview of Big Bang theory we’ll dive into the multiverse.  Why do modern theories of cosmology and aspects of quantum mechanics suggest other universes may exist?  What are the different types of multiverse?  What evidence and criticisms do they face?

This course will be delivered via Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before, please go to www.zoom.us and look at the tutorials. Once you have booked, you will find the Zoom invitation in the Online Event Page on Eventbrite. You will also receive an email with the invitation 24 hours before the event. If you can’t find the invitation, please email berwickea@gmail.com.

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