Weaving Threads

“We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, from composition all the way through to performance. More importantly it was a privilege to witness the children who are not as confident academically come to the forefront and fill with confidence and pride in their own personal achievements.” (Feedback from one of the teachers on the Weaving Threads project)

Weaving Threads is an educational project which formed part of the Berwick Music Series 2023. It involved ten schools in Berwick and the Borders, and included, for the first time, Grove Special School in Tweedmouth.

You can read more about the structure of the project here: Weaving Threads schools briefing

Nearly 300 children participated in the project and produced a wide range of tunes, songs, dances and pictures. Here is a Powerpoint with some of the music, pictures and feedback. (Click on Slideshow and then From the Beginning).This major logistical challenge was organised by Sam Lord, who arranged for virtuouso violinist Darragh Morgan to talk to and play for, all of the children.

A big thanks to the project team: Sam and Darragh, Andrew Brook, Cath Cormie, Andrew Lord and Joseph Brook; and to all the Music and Class teachers who re-jigged their class schedules to facilitate us, who participated so enthusiastically, and who made us so welcome.