Berwick International Competition

This was the third year of the Berwick International Composition Competition, sponsored by Berwick Town Council. You will find the full terms of the competition here.

This year, we tied the terms of the competition more closely to the theme of the Music Series, which this year was Classical Music – Folk Influences. Each entry was to be based on a folk song local to the composer, and given the international reach of the competition, we had tunes from a wide variety of countries.

The winner of the Open Prize was Lucy Freia for her composition Kutidhieng, and the prize was presented to Lucy by Councillor Rosemary Mackenzie, following a performance of the piece by violist Fioa Winning during the Berwick Music Series. Lucy is a composer and violist based in Bandung, Indonesia. She is a viola principal and composer in residence of Acacia Youth String Orchestra (AYSO), and is studying for a Master’s degree at Royal College of Music, London. Lucy’s compositions have been premiered by AYSO, Parahyangan Orchestra, Amadeus Percussion Ensemble (AMPERE), and several Indonesian chamber musicians.

The Berwick Prize, which is awarded to the best piece submitted by a resident of the North East, was won by Durham resident, Janet Graham. Janet was born near Consett, Co. Durham in 1948.  She studied Composition and Piano at the Royal Academy of Music and worked in London as a piano teacher and composer before training as a music therapist in 1989-90. After working for Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy and the NHS for 17 years, she moved back to Co. Durham in 2007 as Head Music Therapist for Nordoff Robbins in the North East.