Art and Culture

Image: James Nairn, View of Corrie on Arran, courtesy of the Fleming Collection.

BEA has developed a varied programme of practical art classes and workshops with local artists over recent years. Our art history programme has ranged from the study of prehistoric art and ancient civilisations to western art of the 20th Century.

We have commissioned our Art History Tutor, Professor Maria Chester, to give a lecture, ‘Complexity and Sensuality of Baroque Art’, as part of the forthcoming Berwick Music Series. This on-line lecture will be held from 4 -5pm on Thursday 29th September and can be booked here.

Starting on Tuesday 18th October 2022, Maria will begin a series of ten online lectures entitled ‘British Art between the Wars’. The course will provide an introduction to cultural life in Britain between the Wars: cinema, literature, fine arts, architecture, music and society. The lectures are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm. Tickets for the series are bookable here. One of Maria’s lectures will cover the life and work of artist David Jones, some of whose paintings are currently on display in the Truth and Beauty exhibition at the Granary Gallery, Berwick. More information on Maria’s work can be found on her own website.

We welcome local artist and tutor Rachel Sutherland for two workshops on botanical painting on November 22nd and December 6th. Unfortunately, the November workshop has sold out, but the December date is bookable here. Rachel will begin each workshop with a short tour of the work of 19th century artist and botanist Margaret Rebecca Dickinson which is on display at the Granary Gallery, Berwick from 22nd Oct – 19th Feb 2023. Details here.