Image Credit: John Haswell

We have covered a wide range of topics under the science umbrella, including Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology and Maths. Social sciences have included a look at a number of environmental issues and our sessions on the Circular Economy with Catherine Weetman of Rethinkglobal are available for free here.

We are pleased to welcome back Alison Tymon for 2021. She will begin an introductory Geology course on 12th January. Alison’s new website is full of interesting local geological information including local walks here.

Our regular Astronomy lecturer, Dr Adrian Jannetta, is back with a 5 part course beginning on February 6th. Adrian posts regularly on both Twitter and Instagram, so you can follow him there. In addition, lots of useful local astronomical news, photos and commentaries can be found on the website of the Northumberland Astronomical Society here.