Berwick Music Series 2022

The Berwick Music Series 2022 is called String Theory – Music for Solo Strings. It will take place over three weekends, Sept 25-27, Oct 7-9 and Oct 21-23. You will find the full programme here and you can read about BMS 2019 and 2021 here.

The 2022 programme includes:

  • Three concerts, for solo violin, viola and cello. They will feature a mixed programme of classical and modern music, including pieces by local composers.
  • A fourth concert featuring only modern music by local composers
  • Two lectures on the Baroque style, with particular reference to some of the works to be performed in concert.
  • A schools project, called Strings ‘n’ Things, which is open to schools in Berwick and the surrounding areas, and culminating in a performance featuring the works produced.
  • A composition competition for pieces for solo stringed instruments; the winning entrants will each have their pieces played at one of the concerts.
  • An interview with Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason, in association with Berwick Literary Festival.
  • A sound installation featuring Alvin Lucier’s Music on a Long Thin Wire.
  • A community performance led by the Berwick Chanters.

This is the third year of the Berwick Music Series, and we are building on the success of the first two series.

  • We are expanding our schools programme from seven schools to eleven, and increasing our engagement with each school,
  • We have added an “extra” concert, which will be devoted entirely to New Music,
  • We are building on the success of last year’s Chant workshop,
  • We have established an Artistic Advisory Committee to assist Artistic Director Mike Worboys, and
  • With the support of Berwick Town Council, we have increased significantly the prize money for the Composition Competition.

You will find the people involved in BMS 2022 here.